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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Help, I am a Youtube Creator and my video just received a copyright claim from Epic Elite.
  • Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal. It simply means that you have used music belonging to one of our clients and our Content ID system has claimed the video on our client’s behalf. The claim does not affect your channel in any way, and simply prevents you from monetizing it, while also redirecting any ad revenue from the video to the owner of the music.
  • Please do not dispute the claim if you do not have permission to use the music, as this may result in the video being taken down, and also a Copyright Strike being placed on your channel.
  • If you have a license to use the music, please dispute the claim and mention the proof of your license.
I am a Composer/Music Label. How can Epic Elite help me?
  • Epic Elite helps you make money from usages of your music on YouTube. You have full visibility and control over such usages through our Dashboard, which offers cutting edge features and lets you track, release, and takedown any such usages.
How does this money get generated?
  • Through YouTube ads. The more views a video gets, the more earnings you see from it.
How do I have to pay for this service?
  • Nothing. We only make money when you make money. Out of the revenue YouTube pays us, we take a small administrative cut and pay the rest to you.
How and when do I get paid?
  • If you meet our minimum payout of $5, you will get paid via PayPal on the 30th of the following month. This means that any earnings generated between 1st September – 30th September will be paid out on 30th October.
  • If your earnings are below the $5 threshold, then they simply get carried forward to the next month.
That’s great. Where do I sign up?
  • Please fill up the form here. You will be contacted by one of our representatives very soon.